Third Party Vendor Security Management

In the year 2021, its a reality that companies large and small rely on third parties to handle, process and store data.  For example, even a local bank can utilize at least 20 third parties processing things from creating checks, processing payments, handing mortgages to selling debt. In an entire lifecycle, with the data touching at multiple other companies, how do we know that the data's confidentiality, integrity and availability stay intact?

Apply GRC has reviewed multiple third party vendors on behalf of several Fortune 500 companies as well smaller medium-sized companies. Not all third party risks are the same; it depends on their business, how they handle the data, the level of risk of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as customer name, SSN, account numbers, etc. that is visible to the third party and of course the information security policies, procedures and controls they have in place.

Apply GRC will review your third parties to give you assurance that your third parties are following your information security standards. If they aren't, a transparent finding tracker system is in place to track high-risk findings, and we can help them resolve issues in a way that's appropriate for their environment while certainly mitigating risks to your data. In addition to your security standards, we check against appropriate external regulations that apply to your business: HIPPA, FFIEC, GDPR, etc. as well as looking at industry guidance such as ISO27002.

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