Our Services

We provide a full lifecycle of GRC and Security services. In addition, we have GRC and Security service ala carte. Click on any of the links below for an expansion of our services. The key tenets for every single service we provide are:

1.  We can counsel you on how to resolve each challenges in-house instead of purchasing a product, further educating your existing staff in security and saving you money in the long run.

2. Leveraging our 20+ years of experience - which includes providing solutions for cutting-edge technology companies as well as legacy companies such as banks and insurance - we are able to get to the solution quickly and addressing the root cause.

3. Having highly experienced consultants allows us to deliver solutions that are both cost-effective and high quality.

Penetration Testing/ Vulnerability Assessment

The best way to find out if you have the right systems to stop a hacker is to hire an ethical one to safely test your perimeter security as well as internal security.

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Ransomware and Phishing Defense

Prevent your company's sensitive information from being locked as well as avoid the trap of submitting sensitive information on emails and downloaded files.

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Application and Cloud Security Assessment

We use industry best practices to review your cloud, mainframe and on-premises applications.

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Risk Assessment and Gap Remediation

We use industry standards (e.g. COBIT) and best practices to evaluate your people, process/policies and technology to see how it all fits into place.

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Third Party Vendor Security Management

In today's world, we rely on numerous vendors to handle, store and process our data. How do you know they are following your security standards?

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