Ransomware & Phishing Defense

Apply GRC's security ransomware defense services specializes in assessing your overall information security posture along with security testing common attack vectors that ransomware attackers use to trick the unsuspecting user into running the ransomware program.

While historically these were easy to detect, advanced phishing or spear (targeted) phishing campaigns have created emails and web pages that very much look legitimate, when in reality it is a place to collect sensitive login credential information, or a place where a malicious program can unknowingly be downloaded into a machine, starting the process of ransomware.

Ransomware Defense

One of the largest trends lately is for attackers to do a targeted attack not on large networks and servers but to target a specific person.  This person often has highly sensitive company or personal information that, if released to the public, can be damaging to company or personal reputation.  In a common ransomware attack, the attackers get in and run a specialized program to encapsulate data so the data is no longer accessible to that person.

Phishing Defense

Phishing is most commonly in the form of an email sent to a company executive, employee or contractor with the aim of making the email look legitimate enough to trick the user into submitting sensitive information, or worse downloading a malicious program.  The biggest defense is to educate all company employees, executives and contractor in visually detecting a suspicious email.

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