​Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment

We provide full penetration testing services, internal vulnerability assessments, as well as activities to assess your ransomware defense.  We can simulate dynamic phishing methods, which allows you to gauge the understanding of your employees in apply safe and sound security practices as they access the internet from within your network.


Penetration testing stages

01  Planning & Scoping

Preparation of all in-scope network assets, segments and systems are the key to a deep and methodical penetration test.

02  Intensity

Determine the right level to conduct scans in order to recognize the bandwidth the network that streamlines the network.

03  Entrance & Access

Systems and Applications attacks are setup to yield vulnerabilities and gaps at the perimeter.

04  Persistent Testing

Once vulnerabilities are identified, the goal is to determine if next level attacks can be initiated bypassing advance threat protection tools.

05  Analysis & Prevention

Analysis is gathered and provided in post-mortem with prevention recommendations. This is then followed-up with another pen test targeting ‘gaps only.


Internal Vulnerability Assessments

The internal testing goes ‘deep on the inside’ with access to an application behind its firewall as an attack by a malicious insider. It basically emulates a common user whose credentials have been stolen and are now being used to conduct a multiple number of attacks.

Why choose us

Why use ApplyGRC?

We use two scanners

Tenable's Nessus vulnerability scanner and Rapid 7's Nexpose scanner. We have become highly adept at interpreting their output to discover vulnerabilities. They scan in slightly different ways, so they often discover more vulnerabilities compared to a single scanner.

Hand verify each result

We include everything in our comprehensive report, but we do take the time to investigate each vulnerability to validate the findings using a variety of custom and opensource tools.

Comprehensive report

Includes mitigation suggestions. While many people will give you the scan result, we have gone the extra mile to see what the issue is, and include steps to mitigate the issue. In addition, we include a post-mortem meeting where we educate your staff on how to implement solutions suggested on the report.

Benefit of Penetration Testing

External Tests:

  • Prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities and infiltrating systems.
  • Avoid costly data breaches, damage to corporate reputation, loss of business, and client trust.
  • Peace of mind, knowing your company complies with industry standards and security best practices.

Internal Testing/Assessments:

  • Provide your organization with a view of your current network security posture.
  • Tests critical internal IT security controls.
  • Decrease business risk by enhancing the internal security of your network.
  • Measure your network against current best practices and standards.
  • Ensure that your network is sufficiently hardened to survive a concerted attack.
  • Ensure employees adhere to your security and acceptable use policies.
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