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We are a specialized group of experienced technology and management consulting professionals  that have formed together to bring information security, governance risk and compliance solutions to a variety of sectors and locations.

Working with companies from various sizes and industries - from maturing start-ups to large fortune 100 tech companies - have taught us the value of flexibility in maturing security processes. We're highly experienced in root-cause analysis, fully believe that it is the people that are most important to a properly-functioning company, and we are here to learn about your problem and address the root cause so the problem is handled correctly from the start.


Working With Top Companies

We have worked with companies of various sizes and industries from technology to manufacturing, including the "Big Four", Fortune 100 and High Tech experience from the East Coast to the top companies residing in the Silicon Valley, we bring the ability of tackling unique, ambiguous problems and quickly bringing projects to the right direction.  We specialize in resourcing teams (both internal and external) into working together to create technology and process solutions.

Our experience

Our Experience

For 20 years, we have worked with companies of various sizes and industries from technology to manufacturing.

Leadership Team

Our team has worked in the management as well as security engineering level for top companies in sectors such as finance, technology and manufacturing.

J. Molina

Program Management & GRC Specialist

Founding partner and has over 20 years of cross-industry executive consulting experience in GRC. He led numerous local and global assessments, design and implementation of risk-based solutions, with specific emphasis in security, privacy, and data protection, including HIPAA and GDPR projects for an established Fortune 50 technology company.

W. Breen

Information Security Engineering

Computer security expert in several domains. He spent the last 20 years doing information security work on advanced internal and external penetration testing, and ransomware protection for large companies across multiple industries. Mr.Breen has experience being a senior planner for respected ethical hacking conferences.

K. Myers

Strategic Aquisitions

Leading the charge for Apply GRC's Strategic Acquisitions, Mr. Myers utilizes 18 years of expertise aligning service offerings. Utilizing extensive experience in Business Development, Strategic Sales, Account Management, and Sales Leadership Kenneth provides strategy and direction for connecting customers with our services.

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